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The Sights & Sounds of Pender Harbour

I am not currently at a lighthouse but a place just as beautiful. Pender Harbour is a region midway up the Sunshine Coast. You arrive here by taking a 40 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver. After passing through Gibsons (famed home of The Beachcombers), Roberts Creek, Sechelt, and Half Moon Bay, you finally reach Pender Harbour--it takes about an hour by car. If you continue on up the coast from here, you will come to Egmont and another ferry will take you to Powell River and finally Lund.

It is a rugged craggy beautiful place defined by ocean, freshwater lakes, wildlife, mountains, and mists. Oh, and yes, people. Wonderfully eccentric creative people (at least the ones I’ve met so far). 
The last week was perfect: days and days of warm sunshine, spawning salmon (we think these are chum), mushroom foraging, quiet writing, yoga moments, and rehashing stories with my olde friend. Life does not get better than this. The following short film captures some of the images I enco…

Almost a Lighthouse

Almost got off on a lighthouse adventure yesterday ... almost. I was this close. Unfortunately, plans changed at the last minute, and I ended up taking the ferry back home again. Very disappointing. It was my first offer since being cleared for work after my back injury, and I was SO excited to be going back to the lights.

Life is ever changeable and out of our control.

While in Victoria, I took a stroll around Fisherman's Wharf. This is a unique waterfront neighbourhood close to downtown on Dallas Road. They even have a Facebook page.

There is an active working marina where you can buy fresh catch:

And, several boardwalks lead to floathomes and liveaboard boats--moorage costs around $735 plus $125 for the licence fee per month. I've fantasized about buying there myself from time to time, so decided absorb some atmosphere.

It was still morning--I'd left home at 5am to catch the first ferry out from Tsawwassen--so the shops and restaurants weren't open yet. Fortunately,…