Sunday in Paradise

Days melt into days here on the lights. When I rose at 4am this morning to survey the situation, I was rather shocked to find us completely surrounded by fog. I wandered up to the land bridge for a better look. When I glanced up at the sky, I was amazed to see stars! It seemed somehow bizarre to be surrounded by fog with zero visibility, and yet able to see stars. This is something we call "partially obscure" and record like this: -X

But, weather changes with a blink in this place. Three hours later, dawn appeared, just like this:

So far, the herring have not come, despite Ray's best efforts. Every day he goes looking for them. He watches the birds and the animals. It's a peaceful place, and I don't think I could be more relaxed. Here are a couple of other photos of the station:
The Land Bridge to the Heli-pad and the Beach
A View of the Station from the Beach


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