My Yoga Challenge

I can’t speak for everyone, but after injuring myself, I was afraid to do much of anything, especially movement that might cause more pain. When I slipped a month ago, I bruised my ribs; then I picked up a piece of plywood that invoked an intense muscle spasm just left of my spine, and angered a hiatus hernia. Just eating or sleeping or shifting would set off the pain. 

Now, I know the only way back from bruised ribs is rest and so I’ve been resting and protecting my sore spots. Most of my reading says from 4-6 weeks and this is week 5. The acute pain has lessened to a widespread ache, especially in the afternoon when the muscles tire in my upper back. So today I’m being my new yoga practice.

I discovered a great video series on youtube called “Namaste Yoga” with instruction by Dr. Melissa West. This morning I did her beginner’s practice--Yoga 101. This is cool because she has over 100 different yoga sessions free on youtube. Because I live in an isolated location, there’s just Melissa and me and my new travelling yoga mat. (The mat works well over a rug, but I’m still trying to get the smell of the rubber to dissipate--I’ve washed it and hung it outside for several days but it’s still strong. If anyone has any ideas, please comment.) Anyway, I’m challenging myself to keep up this practice. The cool thing about using the youtube series is that I don’t have to zip out into traffic afterwards and so I can keep my magical yoga glow. It helps on a grey day like today.



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