On First Coming to Lennard Island

My two days of travel to Lennard Island involved several events: an hour drive to Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, an hour and an half ferry sail, another drive to downtown Victoria where I met a friend/colleague for catchup and tea at the Solstice Cafe on Fisgard Street, and then a short drive to uptown Victoria where I stayed overnight with a lovely couple (thanks again Iona and Alaistair).

The following morning, I met the helicopter at 8am. Lift off is extraordinary ... exhilarating. The first place I recognized from the air was Hatley Castle--Royal Roads University. Passing overland provides a different perspective. We are but a tiny insect. So many trees. Unfortunately, most, perhaps all, are second and third growth, and clear cut swaths appear like scars on the earth. We pass the San Juan River Valley and stop briefly in Tofino, before arriving at last on Lennard Island around 9:45. My gear is moved out of the boot and replaced with that belonging to the keepers I am replacing. All is done with friendly efficiency.

 Here's a picture of jolly Molly, the border collie, getting fitted with her specially made noise reducing earmuffs:

And we, stand waiting--two tall shadows--for the helicopter to depart.

Then it's to work: settling in, orienting, reviewing and reporting the marine weather. Last night, I was exhausted but happy to be back working as a relief light keeper on a beautiful West Coast island.

Oh yes, this is the view from my bathroom window:

And when I awoke at 3am to do the first weather this morning, this space was glowing with stars and a crescent moon. Imagine.


linneaelynn said…
Believe me, I am imagining. Dean says he's ready to book a weekend away for a wee visit.

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