Lightstation Weather Reports

One of the most important tasks lightkeepers have is to observe and report local weather. Starting at 4:30am, we report continuously every three hours until 10:30pm (DST). Our data is accessible here:

Lightstation Weather Reports

All stations provide local marine weather for mariners.

At Nootka, we also provide supplementary weather reports for aviators (cloud levels and density, and relative humidity.)  In addition, we do climate observations: maximum and minimum temperatures, and the amount of rainfall/snowfall, and enter it into Environment Canada's cooperative/volunteer climate network weather collection project -- COOLTAP. This helps to create long range forecasts.

Perched on the edge of the ocean, we're not only a beacon for mariners, we provide much needed current information.

Pachena Point, late December


Neal said…
Another good reason to maintain staffed lights!! Cheers.
Ladyhawke said…
Exactly. Thanks Neal, for your support!
Steve Noble said…
That is not Pachena, That is Carmanah Point.... I lived there, and at several other stations


Steve Noble

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