Heal Me ... Heal Me Now

I hate being injured, I mean, I absolutely hate it. Nothing is quite as frustrating as not being able to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Analyzing every move for potential pain, even in slowest locomotion, is just plain maddening. I've had lots of solid kindly advise on how to manage a sore back. Going to the doctor is important, especially if you're filing a claim, but there are also other excellent therapies.

My daughter is an RMT and I've been fortunate to receive expert massage from her strong hands. A couple of days ago, she said, "Why don't you go see Clara, mom?" Dr. Clara Cohen is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Healing Cedar Wellness and has treated me using acupuncture in the past. A brilliant idea, daughter. 

So, yesterday, I went for an acupuncture treatment and felt an immediate shift. Acupuncture can do that. Those tiny needles inserted in just the right places are able to move energy and relieve pain. If you're shaking your head and mumbling, "mumbo jumbo" I feel bad for you because this stuff works. 

On top of that, Clara reminded me of a product I used years ago for back pain. It looks like this:

The sticky paper on the right is treated with Menthol and is a Chinese analgesic, a remedy for bruises and muscle pain. It comes in an airtight tin that keeps the strong menthol odour trapped inside. When you apply it directly on the skin, it permeates the area with wonderful pain relieving, good smelling herbs. And so, a week into my recuperation, I am feeling somewhat better.

One of the BIG things I am missing are the whales. I just love them. Tineke Veenhoven, who is a fabric artist, filmmaker, and light keeper, among other things, just sent me one of her recent short films. We actually sat together in this place by the sea, a couple of weeks ago, and watched the humpbacks swimming and feeding off Addenbroke Island. This is a beautiful film, partially because Tineke creates her own soundtracks--she is a flutist--and lends a little magic to the natural beauty of this place.

I can't wait to get back to the whales, to the lights, to the coast. 

Heal me. Heal me now.


Love your post! Thanks for the mention!
I can poke you anytime :)
ladyhawke1003 said…
You are so very welcome:)
ladyhawke1003 said…
Your daughter not an RMT until she passes her board exam. She just wants to make that clear!

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