Holy Smoke! I just figured out how to use my iPhone as a network to get wifi for my laptop. As I type this I am sitting on a rock overlooking the bay with my laptop on my lap and my iphone beside me on the rock. Contemporary Thoreau, no? Of course, this will only work while the weather is good--I can't be doing this in the rain and fog:)

It's been an interesting week getting settled into Chatham Point and a movie will follow. Some highlights:

I drove the boat. Whoohoo!

We saw about fifty Pacific white-sided dolphins that same evening, travelling up and down the channel with the tide. I took some video footage and hope it will show a little of what we experienced.

Saw my first black bear here last night. It was a calm evening and I was reading when I noticed the tree branches shaking just outside my window. When I peered out, there he was, standing up and checking out the plums for ripeness. I gather he'll be around often as the fruit ripens. There are several fruit trees here. We noticed this morning that he'd also been in the apple tree, as he'd torn a bunch of leaves and apples on his way down.

All week we've been scraping and painting the zillion stairs from the station down to the boat dock in Navajo Red, which went well with the Tony Hillerman "Joe Leaphorn" mystery I was reading.

I left my computer mouse at Cape Scott so I haven't made a movie or played with my photos yet, but I will get on that now that I can upload to my blog. Life is getting better.


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