My Very First Film

Wow! This is so exciting. At Addenbroke Light Station, apart from learning a whole lot of new light keeping skills, like how to do aviation weather reports and check engine rooms, I've also learned how to use iMovie. The Inside Passage is a haven for humpbacks. It seems that every time I sit down to do something, some whale has surfaced and is either talking or clearing his blowhole. This sends me running outside with my camera.

The woman I am working with here is a filmmaker, among other things, and showed me a few things about using iMovie, and so, what you are about to see is my very first film. I will confess I am probably hooked. Of course, the animals here are photogenic and, for the most part, cooperative--although I got my moccasins wet more than once dashing out onto the deck to stand in the rain.

Yesterday we had moderate rain showers and afterwards walking around in rubber boots was treacherous due to the overabundance of banana slugs. The first time you see one--they're about 3" long--you think you've landed in Jurassic Park.

I also ran into this beautiful Stellar Jay--I know some people hate them, but look at the brilliant blue of his tail feathers.

And, here's a view of the channel from my deck, taken after yesterday's rain as the sun finally peeked through the clouds.

And finally, here's my video. If you enjoy watching it 1/8 as much as I did creating it, well, I don't know, just watch.

You can check out Tineke Veenhoven's youtube page to see more fantastic films about this part of the world ... watch Return of the Eagle for sure. And now, the weather.


linneaelynn said…
Your film is great! I can't believe you saw those whales on the inside passage. On my way to Haida Gwaii, we only really saw a couple, and the most eventful sighting happened while I was in the loo :(

Keep at it!


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