Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gusty Thursday

An active morning for me (for awhile at least) as I learned to use the weed wacker! A period of shaky arms followed but has since dissipated; and yes, Michael, I did do the ball and noodle. I can see that I will need to actually exercise in order to do this job:)

To recuperate, I went for a wander around the point and down into the sunny sheltered garden where I found this sweet sparrow singing his heart out in the salal. 

The waves and winds picked up this afternoon to a gusty 20 knots. Fortunately this little black-tailed deer found a sheltered place to rest by the foxgloves. Black-tailed deer are numerous on the islands all along the strait in Coastal BC--his tail is actually black with white underneath and a white tip. Wolves culled several deer from Scarlett last winter; but, left Pretty Lady who had a fawn this spring. I caught a glimpse of her wee fawn when I appeared from behind some bushes unexpectedly and surprised them. She keeps her fawn well hidden. Though this buck was having an afternoon siesta, I was able to entice him with some well placed carrots.

Day 4 at Scarlett Point

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Carmen Lishman said...

Hi Wendy! Great to follow along with your adventure this way - beautiful blog.

Best of luck on the lighthouse!

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