No Service ... No Sleep

It is very frustrating to continually see this in the top left corner of my iphone4.

Particularly because when I was here before my phone DID work (in the far kitchen window) and because my friend's iPhone 4S works fine. She uses a booster but can get service without it; whereas, I can't even get service WITH it. 

Philosophically, this begs the question: why am I so tied to talking on my phone? I'm certainly not a big talker, not even a phone talker really, but I like things to work. I like to know I CAN talk if I want to talk and I want to talk to my daughter. Hey, this is DAY 9. 

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Meanwhile, I've emailed Telus to complain. Yeah, I know. We'll see how far THAT gets me! 

Meanwhile, one of "the girls" has decided it's time she got her bed back. Hermione spent a good portion of last night meowing and chewing on my hands. Bad cat! This began around 4:30am and continued until I managed to evict her and close the door. Now, she's sleeping peacefully, of course. Oh Hermione.


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