Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sunday Hike at Low Tide

Leaving Scarlett again is sad. This is my third visit and I always love it here ... good friends, good music, and the scenery, well, how can it get any better? Yesterday, Laury and I went for our traditional hike to Grassy Point. I am something of a rockhound--am fascinated by the colours, the shapes, the striations, and the effects of the Elements, of Time and Sea. I've always been a collector, even brought rocks across Canada when I moved from Ontario to BC. But now in my very minimalist life, I'm leaving rocks where I find them, and just taking images along with memories.

And so, of course, I made another movie:)

You'll see here my fascination with shape and colour and all of the natural world.

When I hit my frustration point, trying to add iMovie sound clips and make it all come together, Ivan came to the rescue and graciously offered one of his recordings, "A Lightkeeper's Lament". Composed and played by Ivan on mandolin, I think it fits very well. And, not only that, he gave me a wee keyboard to use with GarageBand, so here we go ... a foray into creating music.

I've had to export the smallest size in order to upload it, so I hope that it works.

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